YumIt is a social networking site where food lovers can share their favorite food, discover friends’ food pickings and trending foods, as well as search for other food lovers around the globe.

 The site is aimed at giving a safe and fun place where foodies can talk all about food and enjoy gastronomy.

 How does it work?


Signing up for YumIt does not take more than 60 seconds. You only need a valid email and a password and then you can start enjoying its fun features. You can build your profile, list contacts, update your favorite dishes, follow other food lovers, and update your Timeline.

If you are a food lover, you just have to take photos of the food you think are delicious and upload them in your YumIt Timeline. From luncheon meals, desserts, to wines, the site does not limit you from sharing anything you can. From time to time, other food lovers will visit your profile, leave some comments, and follow you. This can be the perfect place to share your latest food inventions and discoveries.

 YumIt Features


YumIt is laid out like a typical social networking site; hence it is very easy for you to navigate around the site. On its home page you can see the featured users, featured Yums, and featured dishes. The red and white background is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also very perfect for the yummy aura of the site.

Yummy Foods Just as its name explains, YumIt is an exciting social networking site to share your latest food discoveries, meal of the days, and more food that you hope to eat in a certain restaurant. Everything is authentically delicious and mouthwatering. If you have something to brag related to food and tastes, YumIt is a perfect site.


Bi-Language YumIt is currently available in Spanish and English version. You can also expect the site to have many Spanish members. If you are a Spanish food lover, you can find a lot of Spanish cuisines in the site and socialize with others people.


Social Integration YumIt is integrated to Facebook and Twitter. Hence you may use your existing credentials to log in to the site or share your discoveries through Facebook or Twitter.



If you are on a diet and looking for some low-fat food, then this site might not be for you. Like most social networks worth their salt, YumIt members are very keen on sharing food that make you crave for more.



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  1. Timothy

    Calling all food lovers! Have we found the social networking site for you! Social media websites continue to dominate internet usage for a huge percentage of the population.

  2. Karen

    This is a right place for a food savvy like me 🙂 I always wan to try new dishes and innovative flavours.

  3. Randle

    I am a food lover ,and i am looking for a good site to discover popular dishes. This is perfect site for me. Very useful post thank you.

  4. Hannan

    Absolutely correct. This is such a good site who try to learn and taste unique dishes. Absolutely delightful.


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