Earlier, if you were traveling, you might not have had access to any kind of news. But now, you can access news wherever you are and even if you are on the move. Gadgets like iPhone come in handy for you because you can use Flipboard for social news, Pulse for news and blogs and magazine and so on. Similarly, you have Wolfram alpha with which you can get definitive answers to computable and factual queries.


User interface

Wolfram alpha is a universal app that can be installed and used on all the iDevices. The interface of Wolfram alpha has been linked to the “computational knowledge engine” that has been engineered by the creators of Mathematica. When you launch this app, you must furnish the details of your location because it takes a direct approach and provides customized information based on your location and IP address. You will then access a text field and also two keyboards.

When you enter a query, you will be informed as to how Wolfram alpha interprets your question. It will also show you the assumptions it makes for getting you the answers and finally, it gives you relevant results.



The app has a Bookmarks button at the upper-left corner that helps you to try other applications. Your history, the ‘About’ page of the app and your favorites remain hidden in the Bookmarks. There is a share button at the upper-right corner that helps you to add a question to favorites. You can use this button for opening a question on the site WolframAlpha.com as well. It is also possible to share a question via email or Twitter.

The computational knowledge and capabilities of Wolfram alpha are terrific. Simply put, this app makes available all the systematic and computable knowledge because it is directly linked to the massive repository as well as the computational power that are offered by the Alpha website.

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