Despite most mainstream games today being boring remakes and copies of already made games by developers in a desperate attempt for money, you’ll occasionally find a game that you know has been made by a passionate development team that not only want to bring games to the world, but new gaming concepts.

Guncrafter is just one of those gaming concepts, and despite its simplicity, there is a lot of depth to be found within the less traditional arcade shooter.


Guncrafter Gameplay

In Guncrafter, instead of shooting at your opponent you’ll compete against him by shooting at different structures made out of Minecraft-like blocks. Different blocks will take a different amount of hits to destroy, and whilst the starter blocks are usually easy to get through, as you break through the various structures found on the huge amount of levels, blocks will become tougher, and you’ll have to start steadying your aim instead of shooting like a lunatic.


A lot of the game does involve shooting like a lunatic though. You have a set amount of ammo before you have to reload your gun, and once that’s run out, you’ll have to pull down on the screen to reload. You can fire as fast as you like, and can reload at any time, so trying to get in as many shots as possible before the timer runs out is both determined by your skill and reflexes.

The game also has some pretty intense shooting mechanics. Every shot will put your aim off balance, and the faster you fire, the crazier the hit spread gets.

You’ll get a set amount of coins after each game depending on how many blocks you managed to destroy along with how many your opponent managed to destroy. The coins are probably lead to one of the most exciting parts of the game, and it involves building your own gun by buying different materials and then placing them together in any way you like.


You can create some wild and wacky guns, but you can also place particular parts in certain areas to get the most accurate gun with the least recoil. There’s a lot of trial and error into making a good gun, and a lot of games will have to be played to ensure you can afford enough parts to do so.



I found the game super addictive and it took me at least half an hour longer to decide that I needed to stop playing and write this. After I’ve written this though, I doubt you’ll be seeing me for a while because the amount of depth this super simple game has has really drawn me in.

The game is free but has adverts. You can buy gold and other resources through in-app purchases, and can buy an advert-free version. I must admit the game does feel a little freemium heavy, but that doesn’t stop you from having fun.

 You can download Guncrafter from the Google Play Store here.


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  1. Russell

    Yes, Guncrafter is an amazing game i have ever played. It’s good to see this post.


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