With newer smartphones entering the market everyday, the number of mobile apps across different platforms is increasing exponentially. For many mobile users, the best app that they love using is one that is able to connect them to anybody across different continents. BlackBerry was extremely successful in making huge sales across the globe because of their exclusive messenger ‘BBM’.


The only way that other mobile companies could compete with it was to have a messenger that would work solely on the Internet. After years of development, there is now a messenger which can be used in the iPhone as well as Android phones – Whatsapp. This app allows mobile phone users to message other people in different parts of the globe only by using the Internet. The best thing about it is that it only costs $0.99.


WhatsApp Features and Interface

 WhatsApp iPhone UI

Whatsapp requires two things for it to work smoothly: SIM card and internet connectivity. The application collates all your contacts on your phone and selects those contacts that are connected to Whatsapp. So, it is easier for you to message other people as the contacts list in the Whatsapp navigation bar at the bottom of the screen only shows contacts that are connected to Whatsapp. When you launch the app, you will find that on the bottom part of the screen, there is a navigation bar that shows options like Favorites, Contacts, Status, Chats, and Settings.


Not only does the app allow you to chat with your friends but also helps you send photos, videos, contacts, locations, and audio notes. This makes it easier for people to send pictures and videos to friends instead of emailing it or posting it on Facebook. You can also see your message delivered to your contact as it will show a single tick mark and you will know if it is read when it shows two tick marks. The app also allows you to see how recently your friend was online and if he/she is typing a message.

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