Behavior of users on the web is changing quite fast. Things that used to attract a user to the website no longer hold good and strategies that were considered as useless are doing the rounds these days for marketers and business owners. Making a video and sharing it on the World Wide Web was considered quite expensive a couple of years back. With the availability of free software’s available on the internet that let you make your own videos, cost for making a video has drastically gone down.

Users are more impressed by Videos

While making buying decision users often tend to go online and gather all the information about that product. Reviews, images and videos would matter the most at that time. If the user is able to find videos that are interactive and provide an inside out information about the product along with the way it can be used; users are impressed with it and tend to make a buying a decision fast. However a product that has only reviews and images to its credits will not be able to make conversions as fast as a product with an array of videos.

Videos help building trust

Trust Building via Vidoes

Videos helping build trust

Videos on the website, YouTube or other video sharing websites will surely be able to build trust among its users since users are able to connect and identify with the brand. Almost 53% of users believe that a business which has videos to its credit on the web is trustworthy.

Level of engagement increases with videos

Consumers searching for products like Electronics, Restaurants, Travel, and Exercise have a high tendency to be effected by video searches. Users need to know how an electronic item is going to work before they actually buy it. Users would be more at ease in visiting a restaurant if they have fist hand information about the dining facilities along with the ambience of the restaurant.

You may have hundreds of videos all over the web however they are not going to make an impact unless they are visible on the top search results. You are going to drive traffic in hordes once you have a good video ranking on top even if your website is ranking down the search results.

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