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If you’ve ever played Mirror’s Edge on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, you’ll love the similarities between it and Vector within minutes. Vector is a fast paced action running game that puts your character in the most hardcore free running scenarios possible. The game starts off with simple jumps and rolls, but as the game progresses, you’ll have to work harder to time your actions perfectly, fitting in tricks and other maneuvers to gain more score.


Vector Gameplay

The thing I love the most about running games is the simplicity of the controls, something that fits well with a touchscreen device. Temple Run made a perfect example of this in a 3D environment, but Vector is the first game to truly become popular whilst using 2D gameplay, and it’s really not all that surprising.


Vector Gameplay


When you first start a game of vector, your character will start running automatically, and it’ll be your job to jump, duck, slide, vault or climb over obstacles that get in your way, and let me tell you now, there will be a lot of obstacles that get in your way.

Most running games have a fairly simple layout, usually mimicking side scrolling games like the popular Super Mario brothers, however Vector has focused on making each action you take meaningful, something that is important when the only interaction the player has with the game is swiping the screen to jump, duck, and perform other maneuvers.

Something else that makes every swipe of the screen matter is the character chasing behind you. In Vector, No matter how hard your character tries, it seems he can never shake off the silhouette following closely behind you.


Vector Gameplay


Although it’s hard to tell exactly what the reason is behind the chase, the chaser looks like some sort of authority figure, and if he catches up with the free runner you’re controlling, you’ll be tased and the level will start over after your phone vibrates.

Because of this constant pursuit, the game has its tense moments, especially when the authority figure is neck and neck with you, and one wrong movement could lead to game over. If you’re not afraid of getting on the wrong end of a taser already, this game definitely evokes that fear well with the strong vibrations, but it’s a part of the game that makes it so enjoyable, and keeps not only finishing the level meaningful, but also making a mistake and losing.


Graphics and Audio

I’ve noticed that a lot of smartphone games have decided to go with a techno-type approach to their soundtrack, and whilst at times it doesn’t really fit with the main aesthetics of the game, the techno style soundtrack in Vector fits well with the gameplay and graphics. Although it has a decent amount of variety in it, and it’s almost impossible to tell where the looping occurs for the soundtrack, I found it a little obnoxious at first so had to turn it down a little.

When it comes to graphics, I love the style the devs of Vector have gone with. The game follows a silhouette style environment that uses black lines and shapes to define the world that you play in. I’ve seen this approach been executed many times in both games and animations, and although you wouldn’t think twice about whether creating this graphics style was simple or not, it’s definitely apparent that even with one block color, an artist can still create and define the world in great detail, and once again, the Vector devs have scored in this department.


Cash Shop and Monetization

I usually don’t make much of a mention about cash-bought items within a freemium game, as it’s the only way app developers can make money from a game that is initially downloaded for free, however the options the developers have chosen in Vector is the only thing I dislike about the app.

Although it’s completely possible to complete the game without spending a penny, extra tricks must be bought with coins earnt in-game, but gaining coins is a slow process, and after every level it asks me to buy more tricks that add up to the already huge pile of tricks I haven’t managed to earn enough to purchase. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue, however purchasing and using the tricks in game is mandatory to get a three star rating, almost removing the skill needed behind getting three stars, because without the tricks you won’t be able to achieve the three stars no matter what.




If you’re not bothered about star ratings then that is fine, however if you are, you’ll have to dig into your wallet, or play the game through two or three times before you can manage to purchase the tricks required to ace each level.

On top of this, there are shop items that can boost your performance in-game, but once again, coins are needed to purchase these, and even if you manage to get all tricks unlocked, you’re definitely going to need to dig deep in your wallet to make proper use of the extra items in the cash shop.

All of the things that can be paid for in game aren’t needed, so it’s not like you are forced to spend money on the game, however Vector does feel quite restricted without spending a few dollars on IAPs.



Despite the slightly annoying in-app purchases, Vector is a game that has been beautifully designed with decent graphics and sounds, and a strong, enjoyable gameplay. The difficulty curve Vector has been designed perfectly, and every action within the game manages to bear some kind of meaning. Over all, Vector is a game that shows creativity can revive an otherwise lost game genre and concept. If you enjoy 2D running games, Temple Run, or any smartphone arcade/action games at all, Vector is certainly worth a try.




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  1. P. Sullins

    I like these type of games but cannot go playing more levels LOL, I get out in the middle.

  2. Wesley

    It takes a bit of time in the beginning but can clear levels easily after 1-2 fails.

  3. Ella

    Wow by reading this post itself iam very excited,and what if i play this game.It’s impressive

  4. gracelin

    Vector game is just amazing,i really like 2d & 3d games.The best thing is its features & game play was good.It’s an innovative post.

  5. Maes

    The graphics and audio of this game very sophisticated. This game really brings the best levels &game play compared to others.


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