You might have to wait a few more years before you actually get gesture controls completely integrated into everyday systems but we are heading towards that it. For now, if you want gesture controls with your PCs or Macs, you can use the Myo gesture control armbands. According to the manufacturer, these armbands can be configured to work with Macs and PCs as of now. But the device has the potential to be configured for android devices as well. You can perform almost all the regular, everyday functions with the use of this armband.


How the Myo Armband Works

 myo armband muscle sensors

The device employs the services of Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the Mac or PCs wirelessly. It has a number of muscle sensors that work in coordination with each other to sense gestures in 6-axis mode. According to the company representatives, these muscle sensors are so advanced that they can pick up the movement of your muscles before you move them because that’s how the body works. The signal is sent to the muscle and then the muscle moves. These sensors pick up the signal sent to the muscle and use it for the gesture controls.


Can Be Configured with Multiple Devices


As mentioned earlier, this gadget can be combined with your everyday PC or a Mac. But they are not the only devices that this gadget works with. It can be used with your android smartphone, Google Glass, and any other devices that may be introduced in the future as well.


A Few Gestures


Although we have to wait, till the device comes out, to see the range of gesture controls available, there are a few gestures that we already know of. Waving two fingers in the air is the gesture for scrolling. Holding up your palm will stop the track or video that is playing. All the gestures are designed on the same lines.


This gadget, although futuristic, can incredibly simplify your lives if used properly. If you are a fan of gesture controlling, you have to try the Myo Armband at least once.



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  1. Donna

    Arm brands are very popular and now a days youth are back of them. This arm brand is really good and the working of this device is sophisticated.

  2. Ryan

    Contolling my computer with gestures through the armbrand is really very innovative idea. I just love this post.


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