E-commerce giant Amazon has decided to come up with their own new flagship amazon smartphone which will run on the Android operating system. This phone is likely to feature head-tracking capabilities which will have unique 3-D effects. However, this feature will be available to only a few built-in gestures. This internal venture of Amazon is named as Project Smith. While the codename for the 3D feature is known as Duke.

The Duke runs on a modified version of the Android operating system. Other features include an overstated FireOS with 3D parallax effect. The screen of the phone imitates a 3D effect. The front facing camera is mounted on the corner and the user tilt the phone either ways to access concealed panels. However at the launch it is believed that the 3D feature will have certain limits and all the gestures won’t be added to the operating system. Some pictures of the phone was released recently and by the looks of it, there is hardly any difference with the basic design when compared to any other smart phone available in the market.


These reports are in stark contrast to the ones that came out previously which said that these devices would be built on the eye-tracking technology instead of head-tracking. The phone may also contain infra red cameras on the front for tracking the movement of the head. This robust technology is the work of the developers at Amazon’s Lab126. However, the OS has been unsuccessful in leveraging the head tracking feature meaningfully and has failed to add to the usability of the device.


No one really knows when they are going to launch the device, but since Amazon have shown the device to the developers in Seattle, they might launch it with the support of a third party.

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