Twitter has been adding new users almost every year however its management and investors are not much happy with its presence especially in terms of acquiring new users. Twitters’ growth in its earlier years was magnificent and it grew by leaps and bounds setting new benchmarks in the micro blogging and social media arena. Many investors were quite confident of twitter’s growth over the years and invested quite heavily into it. Twitter has seen a constant downward trend for the past couple of years owing to numerous reasons that have been working against twitter in its endeavor to capture a major slice of the social media market.

Shifting loyalties of users from twitter

Twitter Customer Loyalty

Shifting Customer loyalty on Twitter

Users tend to value new and innovative happenings especially on social media. When twitter came into existence it was a game changer and many users shifted base to it in search of new and innovative ways of interaction within their network. Today twitter users want to do something else since they are done with their micro blogging needs. Thus a large number of users from twitter have been sharing base to social media websites that are offering services in which twitter is lacking.

Better and more interesting options available on the web

The past couple of years have seen a surge of social media websites that offer its users a variety of options on their platforms. These social media platforms have been an instant hit since they caught the trend and offered something that users were really interested in. Social media platforms across the web have been offering and targeting users with varied interests and positioning their products in a way that they appeal to a larger base of the population. This has led to a major dent in the market share of twitter.

Remedial measures taken by twitter to retain users

Although twitter has been trying hard to retain and attract new users into its fold but the path ahead is quite tough since many players like pinterest, Instagram have already marked their presence and have been playing spoilsport for twitter. Twitter gave its users an option to share images above the 140 character limit, is in the process of acquiring sound cloud, and has been able to change the profile page of users. Twitter is taking all steps to retain and attract new users into its fold.

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