All major search engines take up a few changes from time to time to revamp the experience they are providing to their users. These changes sometimes become a necessity either for the social media platforms or from the perspective of users. Many of the changes that are undertaken try to ensure a better experience for its users. Twitter timeline is one such change that is going to change the way people use and look at twitter. With time it will be evident how successful this experiment of twitter timeline if going to fare on the social media scenario.

The initial reactions about twitter timeline

As soon as twitter users came to know about the introduction of a twitter timeline on twitter; death of twitter started trending on twitter itself. Many of the users have been aghast at the very thought of twitter being changed and given a new look. A majority of the users believe that twitter is best the way it is right now and the slightest change will make them think again while using this platform to socialize with people across the globe. Many of the users for whom facebook does not appeal are speculating that twitter will look more like facebook in the coming days and will not be able to hold the interest of users who are there to socialize in a style that does not match the style of facebook users. Users were seen suggesting changes that twitter could have made to the platform instead of introduction of twitter timeline.

Is twitter timeline a change in the algorithm?

Yes twitter timeline is an algorithm update. Much like facebook where things that may seem important to the user will be shown on the top. Twitter has been known to show tweets in a chronological order instead of tweets that may seem interesting to the user. Although this maybe a beneficial feature for some users who can’t login regularly to twitter since it is going to show them the most important tweets on the top so that the user does not have to scroll down in search of tweets that may seem interesting to him. Tweets that will be shown on the top will be based on the accounts that you interact with most along with several other factors. An additional feature will be tweets from accounts that you don’t follow but is relevant or popular based on your interests and browsing behavior.

Opting in and out of twitter timeline

As of now twitter timeline is optional for all accounts and can be turned off and on by logging in to your account. On desktop you need to access settings>Account>Content and then tick the box with the new feature which will be labeled as “Show me the best Tweets first.” This will allow twitter to change into the new twitter timeline we have been waiting for. On IOS enter settings and go to timeline and tap “Timeline personalization” and tick the box labeled as “Show me the best Tweets first.” On Android go to settings and then timeline and tick the box with “Show me the best Tweets first.” This feature is not available in all accounts at this moment. If you don’t have twitter timeline right now don’t worry it will be there very soon. Although optional at this moment there is a possibility that twitter timeline will be permanent on twitter in a few weeks.

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