Twitter has been making all possible changes on its social platform to make sure that they are not left behind in attracting new users and retaining the old ones in their fold. The past few days have seen twitter announce many changes in its experience that lets users say more and share more instead of the 140 characters that was at the core. The 140 characters word limit however remains there which has almost become an identity for twitter on the World Wide Web.

Roadblocks to twitter’s success


Twitter removing the roadbocks

Twitter has been quite popular with people who love communicating more via short messages. However users who are comfortable with the other social media platforms are not catching the fancy of using it. Many users don’t feel like signing up on twitter as singing up is not an issue but the experience is quite boring. Apart from that if people sign up they do not tweet to the level that is expected out of them. There are many users who have not sent even a single tweet from their account. However these same users are working overtime on other social media platforms like facebook and twitter; uploading images, chatting, in fact engaging them self to the maximum.

Changes that twitter will make to overhaul the experience

Twitter has been able to make several changes in the past that may have an impact on the usability and new user acquisition on the World Wide Web. The most significant and talked about change was the uploading of images that can be presented in the form of a collage within your network. There are some other changes that have been rolled out on android. The sign up process for twitter is being made more interesting. As one signs up on twitter he will be presented with suggestions that will be helpful for the new users to select people and topics in which they are more interested. While signing in from android presently one will be shown a generic list of his Google contacts in his address book.

The path ahead for Twitter

The moves that twitter is making these days do promise a bright future for twitter in near future for increasing its user base. Since one person joining twitter will be responsible for brining several others on the micro blogging platform. If Twitter keeps making efforts and introduces new and refined features for its users it has the capacity of becoming the largest social media platform across the industry.

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