With the number of social media users increasing every single day, it is almost certain that this generation revolves around the Smartphone. One of the biggest social media sites as of now is Twitter. This social networking site is one where people from all over the world can communicate with each other on what they are doing, what they have seen, or what they are witnessing. This social networking site has become an instant success and many people around the world are now ‘tweeting’ very frequently. The best part is that you can tweet from wherever you are as Twitter is now available for iPhone users on the App Store.


Twitter Interface and features

Twitter iPhone App Screenshots

With an easy-to-use interface, Twitter for iPhone users is one of the most useful social media apps available. In less than a few a minutes you can tweet whatever you want and whenever you want. At the bottom of the screen are the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs. In the home tab, you can see all the tweets of the people you are following. It acts as your main tweeting news feed. The connect tab allows you to message any person on Twitter just with their username. The discover tab shows you the recent activities of your followers and who you are following. The Me tab shows your general bio. You do not even need to have an account to use the Twitter app. You can use the app to browse through the site and search for different people on twitter.




The design of the app is very simple as it adopts the general blue background of Twitter’s logo and has a layout that is easy for users to navigate to and fro. The design of the app is very pleasing to the eye and does not involve a cacophony of different colors which throw you off guard.

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