Your twitter bio is an introduction about you in the space that is provided by twitter. Some of us may find that space quite small to fit in all the details about one self and some may even find it too big when we fall short of ideas. Managing the space provided by twitter to make sure that you have one of the most powerful twitter bio in your niche will surely give you the advantage of attracting more followers than your competitors.

The Description of your Twitter Bio

Although the space provided by Twitter to showcase the description of your Twitter Bio is quite less you need to make sure to choose the right words that can describe you in 160 characters. This is a micro blogging website so don’t complain about the paucity of space here. Be accurate about yourself. Do not pretend about yourself and don’t write what you wanted to become. Your twitter description should not sound funny since people are following you for what you genuinely are.

The importance of a Twitter Bio

Twitter Bio for your profile

Making twitter Bio powerful

If you are on twitter and someone Googles you on the web the twitter URL for your name has a chance of being on the first page right on the top ranks. It may not matter to you today if you are a lesser known human being or company but later one once you hit big the twitter handle and description you are going to carry will become a part of your online personality and reputation. Thus it is advisable to invest sometime and research a bit deeper on your Twitter Bio than changing it at a later stage. Changing your twitter bio has its own risks since people who have connected with you may loose interest once you change your bio.

Twitter Bio should present you as real

A profile picture is of utmost importance since a bio without a profile picture appears fake to your target audience. According to industry statistics 5-10% of twitter profiles are fake. Get yourself out of this bracket. More genuine the twitter bio more the number of followers you have in your network.

Self promotion via Twitter Bio is Ok

Thats what a bio is for. Tell the world everything about yourself, your achievements, your likes and your preferences in life. You are there to provide value to your followers. Choose words carefully so that they are able to underline the value that you can provide to them in via your twitter handle.


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