In the current market, you can come across several businesses that show great potential in the beginning. However, without a proper plan to sustain them, they eventually stagnate while their rivals charge forward. The culture of this market encourages competition where the winner is decided by the growth that he has shown.


When planning for a business, you need to be aware of what you want from it. There is no compulsion that your sales curve should show a sharp incline. In fact, there are several companies that have stayed relevant for years together while growing at a slow rate.


Are you competitive? Do you wish to see your business growth to the heights of that of Warren Buffett or Mark Zuckerberg? Then here are some tips for you to help your business make its mark.

 Business Growth formula of zuckerberg

Use Social Media Marketing


Marketing has always been critical for a business growth. Earlier connections had to be made by pushing yourself out there, constantly finding innovative ways to stand out of the crowd and attract investors and customers. Businesses grew by word of mouth. Satisfied customers told their friends, who told their friends thus spreading the word.


Though this painstaking process is very much required, it could only reach a small audience. With today’s technology it has become possible for you to reach farther than before. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterestand several others are the new tools of marketing. With each ‘share’, the buzz about your product grows and your business picks up pace. Of course, the same rules apply even to the virtual world. Customer satisfaction is paramount to acquiring and retaining them.


You can outsource this work to online PR agencies that could help you build a comprehensive and functioning plan. They are responsible for creating online content on these networking sites and market your product for a fee.


Create Investments


In today’s tough economy, many businesses are suffering. If you’ve invested in a company, naturally you’d want your efforts to bear you fruits. If you find yourself wanting outside help, finding people to invest in your company is a good start.


Everyone with money is a potential investor who needs to be assured that your business will give them the returns they desire. To create investments you need to make a business plan that has been well thought out. Your proposal should have minimum avenues for failures with concrete proof for returns.


If you have actual figures to show for it, then by all means, show them. Demonstrate the plans that have worked for you in the past. Flaunt your skills and show what you’re worth. Whatever the market tells you, remember to follow your passion. Success will surely follow.

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