Link building has been and still is the backbone of SEO. To climb up the SERP’s you need quite a few quality links that point to your website and pass on the much needed link juice to climb the SERP’s. Making sure that the links are from authoritative websites is your responsibility. Once the link has been established between you and a nice authoritative website your responsibilities don’t stop there. Wherever you are getting the link from for your website it is your responsibility now to add value to that very link. Adding value or building links for a link that is pointing to your website will be tiered link building. Tiered link building was considered to be a black hat method quite recently however if used wisely it can be the most beneficial link building strategies that you have used so far.

What is tiered link building?

Tiered link building is the method of building multiple links not only to your website but also the websites that have a link pointing to your website. The number of tiers depends upon the nature of the niche in which you are working in along with the achievement of results. Generally tier 1 links are those that point directly to your business / website or blog. Tier 2 links will be those that point to the tier 1 links and tier 3 links will point to the tier 2 links. Generally link builders go till tier 4 links building and stop the tiering practice beyond that. Tiered links have a capability to strengthen your link building campaign in a big way.

How to go about tiered link building

Tiered link building is a bit tricky strategy to follow if you do not have a clear picture and a plan in your mind. You need to have a strategy and clarity of things before actually starting with tiered link building. The first tier needs to have authoritative websites from related businesses with good content quality and reputation in their niche. Tier 2 links pointing to your Tier 1 properties can be built by gaining links from private blog post networks however be very particular about the choice of a PBN link although they are strong enough yet if a penalty is slapped on them it will be passed on to you also. Do it with due diligence and make sure the content they offer is in sync with your business. Building a host of web 2.0 properties around your tier 1 links is a great practice since you are in total control of the web 2.0 properties. More the value you add to these web 2.0 properties more value will be passed on to the tier 1 links and more beneficial will it be in the long run for the main business in terms of the link profile. In the same manner build links for your tier 2 links which will form the tier 2 for your tiered link building campaign.

The various benefits and things to keep in mind while going in for tiered link building

While implementing a tiered link building strategy make sure you do not over optimize the anchor text. Keyword variants and long tail keywords will come handy while building links for tier 2 or tier 3 properties. That essentially does not mean you stop targeting your exact keywords on tier 2 and tier 3 properties. Target them but keep the number low almost 10%. Do not build links with great speed since we tend to do that when we have a plan and all the links with us. Go slow so that it looks natural. Natural link building is favored by search engines. Even if using automated tools try not to leave footprints. Build a certain number of links today and then vary them tomorrow.

The benefits of tiered link building are immense. If carried out intelligently you do not over optimize your keywords. You get benefit indirectly to your website through other web properties which would not have proven of any use if you had not gone for this strategy. Getting links from quality web properties will surely catapult you way beyond your competition. This strategy if used with a structured content and social media strategy can be vital in placing you on the coveted number one spot for many keywords. Killing competition especially if you are a new entrant into the niche becomes easy. In case there is a warning or penalty from a search engine you can cut off the links at a very short notice.

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