Kik Messenger is one of the many iPhone apps available for free that has some very useful features. It is very personal, easy to use and fast. Released in 2010, it now boasts of a strong customer base of 50 million users.

Unique features that make Kik Messenger popular


Simplicity: The one thing that attracts maximum number of users to an app is the simplicity of use. There are many people out there who find it hard even to operate some of the basic features of a smart phone. However, with this mobile app built especially for iPhone users, even those who are not tech savvy will find it easy to use. It has been developed by some of the best app developers at the Kik Interactive group.

Fast: While using various apps, one thing that gets users frustrated is that some apps take a long time to load and proceed to the next level. This time factor is a drawback for many apps. But with Kik Messenger, you will not experience this problem at all. The app is dependable and fast. It sends and delivers the message in no time at all. It also shows typing notifications which ensure that your conversations come to life.

Personal: This app uses a unique Kik user name. This user name, and not your phone number, acts as your identity. This way you have complete control over your privacy.


The developers of this app keep coming up with new features on a regular basis that help you to do much more like share pictures, sketches and fun videos. No wonder this app has so many loyal users even when there are other similar apps available in the market. It is a must-have for those who own an iPhone.

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