B2B Websites need to be professional; they need to be laid out in a manner that they are able to appeal to a set target audience. The latest B2B websites need mobile optimization. Until recently mobile optimization was thought to be important for E-commerce and other B2C websites and businesses. However with the seeding of mobile devices and rock bottom internet prices professionals are using their smart phones and other mobile devices to collect disseminate and conduct business on the go. Carrying a laptop is already old fashioned for any executive and they are the ones who affect major decisions and can influence decision making in corporate. To reach them you need to have your B2B website mobile optimized so that you are ahead of the competition and delivering at the right time to the right people. There are several reasons why a B2B website will need mobile optimization we picked up a few for you.

Mobile Optimization is important for Rankings

Businesses that do not carry out mobile optimization for their website loose on the organic ranking scenario. You maybe a market leader in your niche but websites that have been mobile optimized will rank far better than your website if your website has not done mobile optimization for your website. Since your website is not fit to be viewed on mobile devices therefore search engines do not show it and hence you are losing on a major volume of traffic that comes via mobile devices. In case someone lands on your website on a mobile device he will at once move away from there since nothing is visible properly as you have not done mobile optimization. This increases the bounce rate for your website and you further lose your website’s respect on the search engines. Visibility and website traffic is significantly hampered due to ignorance towards mobile optimization of websites by website owners of B2B businesses.

A mobile optimized website is better for customer engagement

A customer’s loyalty, sentiment and engagement are based on the kind of services and the kind of way you treat your customers. Denying them a mobile optimized website will be almost like showing arrogance towards a trend that most of your customers are going to like anyway. Almost 74% customers have said in a survey that they will come back to a website if it is mobile optimized. The ease of access of the mobile device and the speed provided by internet providers is making things easy for customers to access the web. The probability of a B2B customer will increase manifold if you are able to engage him on a mobile.

Mobile use is growing among B2B decision makers

Accessing the web via mobile was thought out to be very unprofessional especially in meetings and customer interactions. However these days it’s the mobile devices that have taken the center stage in terms of business tools for people working in the B2B realms. Business buyers rely on the web for research and selection procedure and a considerable amount of decision makers are relying on mobile devices to complete this entire buy cycle. Of all the B2B purchases done last year almost 42 percent were completed on a mobile device. B2B researchers don’t only use a mobile device while out of office or on the move the use has been extended to the office also. According to a survey 49% of B2B researchers use a mobile device while in office and take crucial decisions and purchases. Don’t get left out. Mobile optimization is here and is going to stay. All you need to do is get your website refurbished for a mobile device.

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