Use of emoticons on social media is quite a fad these days. People tend to use these emoticons to express their feelings and emotions which give an insight to the person’s mood at that very moment. However these emoticons are not considered too professional. Professional or not marketers are more concerned about hitting on the emotions of their target audience to make their sale, point or conversion whatever the case is. What better tool you can have in today’s scenario than these emoticons to hit on the psyche of your target audience to wade way beyond the reach of your competitors and make your mark felt in the market. Emoticons strike a direct connection with the target audience which has been proven by research undertaken by various agencies from time to time.

Emoticons make your brand popular on Social media

That’s what you are for on social media to be popular among the masses. Yes emoticons the positive ones are going to make you popular on social media since people tend to share and like positive things more than the negative ones. Positive emoticons used frequently have the ability to achieve a higher performance as compared to posts without any emoticons.

Emoticons replicate human faces and thus establish a connection

It is easy for a user to connect with a human being in any mood than compared with a piece of text. This is one great method to grab attention and once attention is grabbed you can be sure of getting the message across to your users. Human brain tends to react to a smiley or emoticon in the same way as it would have reacted to a human face. Brands have a better chance of talking and getting the desired result or feedback from their target audience while using emoticons.

Workplace is a good place to use emoticons

It is of course a professional setting however the human psyche and human brain are going to react in the same way to emotions. Thus emoticons used in the workplace work well to get things done. We are talking about the positive ones. Emails to prospective candidates to be hired, managers sending out appreciation mails, coworkers coordinating with each other and many more instances in the work place are good reasons to use emoticons.

Creating a happy environment with emoticons

Emoticons used on social media at the workplace or even in personal conversations have the ability to correlate with real life happiness that percolates down via the digital medium to the individual. Thus a brand or company using a lot of positive emoticons in its posts will be able to cheer and lift up the mood of its followers and users every time they post something. Emoticons can be used at the start, end or in the middle of the post as per the demand of the post. You can use more than one emoticon.

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