Although Ferrari is a brand name mostly associated with cars, the Acer Ferrari One is a notebook developed by the laptop manufacturing company, Acer, which integrates the Italian car brand’s looks and designing. Overall the laptop has a great design. It has a sleek body sporting the red and black that defines Ferrari. It even has the brand’s logo on the top of the lid, as well as a little below the keyboard.


Internally, this Acer notebook provides excellent graphics and has great entertainment-centric performance. However, this six hundred dollar piece of hardware also tends to heat up rather quickly and lacks an HDMI port. All in all, the laptop is slightly expensive, but with a high price comes superb performance and design.



Compared to other netbooks, the Acer Ferrari One is far more packed with hardware to support it. The Ferrari One comes with the 1.2 GHz AMD Athlon X2 L310 processor which surpasses most of the category of netbooks, and could even compete with ultraportable systems. This powerful processor is paired with a large 4 GB RAM allowing it to work at very fast speeds. The Ferrari One has a 250 GB hard disk which is rather generous for a netbook. On average, the Acer Ferrari One takes just under a minute to completely boot Windows 7.

 acer-ferrari-one-notebook-visual ports

Audio and Visuals

The display of the Acer Ferrari One is 11.6 inches wide, and the laptop has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. The CineCrystal display screen has an LED backlight and gives a good differentiation between color shades. Beneath the front deck of the laptop, lie powerful Dolby speakers which provide a great platform to listen to music on. Quality of audio for movies or videos is slightly lower, but it remains to perform at comfortable levels.



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