Thalmic Labs is a start-up company based out of Canada run by three mechatronics engineers Aaron Grant, Matthew Bailey and Stephen Lake. This top-notch team of engineers, researchers and designers work on the futuristic technology of man-computer interaction. They have been fairly successful in their endeavors and are on their way to close the gap between combining the world of humans with technology by inventing wearable computing devices.

Their latest product is the Myo which is built around a total of eight electromyography or EMG muscle activity sensors with an inertial measurement unit with nine axis. This device fits around a user’s forearm and makes use of a sequence of biometric signals to interpret and track the movement of the person wearing the device. With Myo on your forearm, the EMG sensors can easily pick up the electrical signal generated by your muscle cells. These sensors can interpret all the muscle movement that has control over your fingers and so allows them to easily spy on your finger position as well as your grip strength.


The consumer version of the armband will also feature a rechargeable Lithium battery, Bluetooth 4.0, ARM Processor, wireless compatibility with computers and a USB port for charging. The open source APIs will provide you with a lot more versatility.

Last year, the company was able to raise a sum of $14.5 million from various angel investors like Ajay Agrawal, Paul Graham,Hank Vigil and from organizations like Y Combinator, Formation 8, FundersClub, Spark Capital. The funding received from these companies is going to be critical for the development of other products and technologies.

The device is expected to be released officially by the end of this year and it will soon be available all over the world by next year.

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