Temple Run Meets Zombies in Into the Dead

Temple Run has sparked up a big ripple in the app development community, and many apps since have been heavily inspired by the game, whether the whole gameplay element has been mimicked, or just the reward system. However, we haven’t seen any games that grab a touch of inspiration from the title, but still have its own original flair to it. That is until now, as Into the Dead has reached the app store and although it has similar aspects of many other 3D running games, the environment is so different that it feels like a fresh, new game.

Into the Dead Gameplay

Into the Dead throws you straight into the game, where you will be running through a field in the night whilst zombies chase you down. You’ll come across different obstacles, and more and more zombies will close in to your location, meaning you’ll have to swerve in and out of the zombies to keep running.

Into the Dead Gameplay

Just like Temple Run, you get awarded more points for the longer you run, however, unlike Temple Run, coins are only rewarded for completing tasks and running long distances and cannot be found within the game.

Coins can be spent on perks to help gameplay. Things like more ammo or a 1500m head start can be purchased with coins, and on top of this you can also buy weapons that can be used on the zombies in-game. You’ll start with a basic pistol that can be picked up from crates whilst running, that can be useful to shoot zombies out of the way, but the guns have no aim control, meaning you’ll always fire straight in front of you. This can be frustrating whilst trying to aim shots up when you have little ammo, and it makes the extra modes, hardcore, and survival, of which one requires you to shoot down as many zombies as possible, a little pointless.

Into the Dead Gameplay

The game also has a few features that haven’t been included, such as the companion that can be purchased as a perk, and it’s likely that more items will be added as right now the only real items of interest are a few guns and a chainsaw.


There are a few areas where Into the Dead could be touched up, but the idea is very original, and the game feels fresh despite the concept it borrows from other games like Temple Run.

Into the Dead Gameplay

The game is also free, and there are lots of objectives to complete and other game aspects to unlock and spend in-game coins on.




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    The Temple Run game is really good.I  like zombies land,it got good features and graphics.Thanks for the post which is very useful and innovative.

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    This is a wonderful game , i really love this game.It’s featured with innovative graphics and game play.Thanks for such a good post.

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    I wold love to watch the zombie movies. To play a zombie game is very thrilling.

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    Yes ,Zombie  is such a thrilling game. The  game play is so good and interesting.


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