Tee Off With Super Stickman Golf 2

There was a time when golf games were out of favor and if you designed one, you would be someone who had a bad marketing team. But that time is gone now and golf games are back in trend. Super Stickman Golf 2 is one of those games that is taking advantage of this trend, and is doing well. Although the graphics are pretty simple, this game does have a lot to offer, both to the serious and casual gamer.


Super Stickman Golf 2 UI

 Super Stickman UI

All the graphics for this app are in 2D and you get the feeling that you have played the game before. That is because the designers of Super Stickman Golf 2 have taken bits and elements of a number of other golf games and compiled them to make one single game that they have offered to you. That doesn’t mean that the game is sub-standard. In fact, the familiarity makes the gameplay quite familiar and appealing.



Super Stickman Golf 2 Gameplay

In terms of testing your abilities as a gamer, you don’t get much in Super Stickman Golf 2. However, your abilities as a true golfer will be tested. The angles, the power of your shot, the spin, and a number of other parameters while hitting the golf ball into the hole have to be accurate if you want to actually pot the ball in a hole.


Wide Range of Choices for Levels

The game will definitely not feel monotonous because you have 20 different courses to test your golfing abilities. Each of these courses has been designed really well and you will definitely have to step up your game as you move up the levels.

 Super Stickman Golf 2 Gameplay

The bottom line about this app is that it is something that golf lovers will immensely appreciate and people who have admired golf will use it to familiarize themselves with the game even more.



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  1. Awolad Hossain

    I have read about “Tee Off With Super Stickman Golf 2” Really it is very interesting game. Can i play this game on my Android tablet ? Anyone……help me plz…:)

  2. Jim

    Since my childhood i had a desire to play golf,but it never fulfilled.I feel good now as i can play Super Stickman Golf 2.Thanks for the info given.

  3. Rocky

    Good post i am thankful to you.The game Super Stickman Golf 2 got innovative features and i am very excited to play.

  4. Love

    In my view point , we can play this game in an android tablet absolutely. It’s a wonderful game.


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