SuperTooth HD Voice: Bluetooth Hands-free Device for Your Car

You might be wondering why these types of product are being reviewed as most of your cars come with a factory-fitted Bluetooth hands-free system for talking on the phone while driving. The fact is that there are more than 45% of the cars in today’s world that do not have a hands-free Bluetooth system. For those vehicles, the SuperTooth HD Voice is the ideal solution. A small and relatively inexpensive device, this accessory allows you to talk while driving, with crystal clear sound clarity and seamless connectivity.


The Build and Quality

On the outset, the device looks very small and unassuming. It is something that can be fitted on your dashboard or even on the sun shields below your windshield. But the overall build quality is really good. Since the device is very small, you can actually keep it concealed although the performance might be affected if you enclose it in a case.

 Supertooth HD

SuperTooth HD Performance

There are two speakers in the device that deliver crystal clear HD quality sound. To ensure that your voice is picked up, there are two very sensitive microphones. It has to be said that the microphones are really sensitive and ensure that your voice is filtered, especially if you are driving a very noisy car.


Another impressive feature that this device has is the voice recognition. With simple voice commands, you can instruct the device to pick your call and end it. A range of other options are also facilitated. The voice recognition works really well and you can be sure that you don’t have to repeat your commands twice.


A spokeswoman from SuperTooth said that the performance of this device is so good that you will want to replace your car’s system with SuperTooth’s device. Well, you really have to use it to find this out.



3 Responses

  1. Wilson

    The super blue tooth device is very useful while driving the car. One can concentrate on the driving completely and can speak.

  2. George

    Yes wilson, but it should have the automatic call answer in few seconds, so we may not press any button while driving.

  3. Finhas

    Absolutely correct. I agree with you George.  It would be useful when there is an automatic  system.


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