Renewable energy powered gadgets, or green gadgets as they are popularly known as these days, are very popular in today’s world. Following the trend is the new digital camera, ” Sun and Cloud ” from a Japanese company known as Superheadz. This camera comes with a solar panel and a hand crank that can be used to charge the device whenever the camera runs out of juice. Although the design of this digital camera is somewhat retro in nature, the camera itself shows decent performance and a host of good features. According to the representatives of Superheadz, this camera has the potential to be the future of digital technology.


Retro Design

 Sun and Cloud camera

Unlike modern-day digital cameras that are sleek and come in a very mobile-like design, the Sun and Cloud is modeled along the lines of old-school cameras which come in a block-shaped design. The lens and the flash are present in the front of the camera as is the norm, and the screen to display the pictures is at the rear end of the camera.


Disappointing Specs of Sun and Cloud


Unfortunately, there’s no way this camera can compete with modern-day cameras or even smartphones for that matter. This camera has a 3 megapixel CMOS sensor. But what might work in the favor of this camera are the 15 in-built filters and three modes of shooting that include a macro mode as well.


Charging Modes


There are three ways in which you can charge Sun and Cloud camera: the hand crank, the solar panel, and the USB jack that can be used to connect to an USB charger. The USB port can also be used to transfer images to a computer.


If you are a photography enthusiast and love a camera that can be used anytime, anywhere without worrying about the battery, this is the digital camera that you should have in your photography arsenal.



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  1. Cecile

    Sun and Cloud is very interesting camera. I have never come across a camera that runs through solar and kinetic energy.

  2. Hardin

    The idea of producing solar an kinetic energy in a camera is just amazing. Wonderful innovation.

  3. Fleischer

    I travel a lot and need to carry lot of batteries with me. It is good camera. I will wait for high megapixel lens capacity.


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