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Sony was always a little behind at all times in the Android race but the company is hoping to make a difference with the new Xperia Z. With a lean and bold design and intuitive features that Sony claims will make a difference in the already saturated Android smartphone market, the Xperia Z can claim one of the top spots if not the first.


Build of Sony Xperia Z


The build of Xperia Z is top-class and the design is also amazing. The materials used for the body are solid and sturdy and give you a premium feel. There is a generous amount of glass inserts used in the design, ensuring that the looks of the phone are enhanced. All the buttons including the screen lock key is easily accessible.




Sony has definitely tried its best to make the Xperia Z as feature-rich as possible. But the fact of the matter is that the Android smartphone market is overflowing with devices of high specifications. Coming back to the Xperia Z, it has a quad core processor from Qualcomm and runs on the Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2). The screen boasts an impressive 1080p resolution with a very high pixel density.


Water-and-dust Proof


What is unique in the Xperia Z is that the phone is entirely dust-and-water proof. You can submerge the phone in water and yet, the phone will work without any flaw. Of course, the waterproofing has a downside. All the ports are covered, rendering the audio a little muted. But that is only a small compromise.


Fierce Competition

In spite of all the features, Sony Xperia Z faces stiff competition from Samsung and HTC phones. Although the performance of the phone is unbelievable, we have to wait and see if the consumers will accept the Xperia Z and go for it over its HTC and Samsung contemporaries.


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  1. Leeware

    Sony Xperia the sony smartphone is a  good features,

    Sony Xperia the sony smartphone is a  good features,This is an amazing product from Google. Google shopper is really helpful to get more specific products.

  2. Hunter

    There is no worry about rain or friends playing with water. This mobile could resist water and dust.

  3. David

    The best feature of new Sony Xperia which is mind blowing is water and dust resistant. This can be used in any kind of weather conditions.

  4. Rosario

    Sony Xperia smart phone is one of my desired gadget. The best feature i just love is water and dust proof. 🙂


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