FacebookSony has decided to take on Facebook after trying unsuccessfully to gain an edge on Apple and Samsung for more than ten years. In an attempt to build the ultimate entertainment system with the PlayStation 4, Sony has decided to develop a virtual reality headset that will link with the console. In this business sphere, Sony may have an edge over its competition.

Sony lost money in five out of the last six years with its televisions, smartphones and tablets. However, it boasts a commanding lead when it comes to gaming console sales. This is a major competitive edge that could give the Project Morpheus VR headset a major boost. Sony will soon show off its new headset at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. With the help of its movie and television studios, Sony can feed its consoles using virtual reality equipment in order to convince non-gamers to purchase the headset. The PlayStation franchise must expand its consumer base if it wants to remain competitive.

While the Oculus headset must connect to a well-equipped PC to perform well, Morpheus works directly with the PlayStation 4, which already boasts impressive hardware specs and high-definition audio. Since its debut in November, more than seven million PlayStation 4s have sold, and more than 100 million PlayStations are in operation globally.

Although virtual reality goggles have been around for more than a decade in concept, the screen technology cost has finally reached a point where it is economically feasible for mass market production and sales. Sony is an early adopter of the technology and will work to learn its advantages and pitfalls along with Facebook.

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