Sonic Dash: A Fast Paced iOS Game

Who doesn’t love a game where you run endlessly and collect medals and trophies on the way? It is literally the safest best a game app developer can make. Sonic Dash does not disappoint, and lives up to the reputation of the genre of game app it belongs to. The game is very well crafted with impressive graphics and expected but interesting gameplay. Overall, Sonic Dash is a good iOS app to pass time.


Sonic Dash Gameplay

Sonic Dash Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty simple. There are three lanes in which you dash endlessly towards an end, (a little ironic!) collecting all the artifacts and valuables on the way. You will have to move between the three lanes and also jump at times. There are also a few enemies that you will encounter during the course of the game. These enemies can be destroyed or avoided depending on the course of action that you adopt. You have a spinning weapon that you can use to destroy enemies.


Interface and Performance of the Game

sonic dash performance

You have to give it to the developers for designing the game in the way they have presented it. What they have managed is to take an established app concept and turn it into something that feels different and familiar at the same time. The performance of app is also flawless. When you swipe the hand on the screen for switching lanes, Sonic responds smoothly. Also, the bonus levels, weapons, and other features get activated at the right time. In all our hours of testing the app, we never encountered a freeze or a crash.


Is the Game Worth its Price Tag?

Definitely! Irrespective of whether you are a gamer or not, this is one game that you will definitely enjoy playing. There are different levels to keep you entertained and eliminate the element of monotony in the game. Another good endless-running game!




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  1. Gary

     It is also better to stay with them while they are playing online to keep safe with other kind of stuff.i like games,.

  2. Harris

    Sonic dash  is a good game i have ever played and its got wonderful features and graphics. Very useful post.


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