Getting your ideas to the masses or people who really matter is more vital than making a sale. A sale may bring you instant profit however it does not guarantee you steady growth and a funnel of prospective customers that are going to matter to the business in the long run. Building your brand over time and putting across your ideas and perspective to your target audience will however guarantee you a steady flow of visitors either to your website or even to your brick and mortar business. Image sharing giant Pinterest is doing exactly for quite a few non e-commerce brands.

Socializing on Pinterest to showcase your talent

Socializing on Pinterest to increase followers

Socializing on Pinterest for recognition

Socializing on pinterest is not merely confined to attracting an individual, directing him to the online store you have set up and making a sale over there. It has many other utilities that would be beneficial for numerous individuals who are looking for a platform to showcase their talent. Freelancers dealing in fine arts or web designing have ample of scope to show their designs and work on pinterest to build a big customer base for them. Many brick and mortar companies dealing in home solutions (interior designing) are socializing on pinterest with their target audience. The communication becomes easy, the company is able to show their work real time in the form of images and there are other people who may be looking for the solutions you are providing. The best thing is you don’t need a website of your own since pinterest provides ample of space and options to host and categorize your work.

Promoting your brand via socializing on Pinterest

Even Pinterest founders advice marketers to promote their brands when socializing on pinterest instead of selling them straight away. Creating an interesting story of how to use or how the product or service will be beneficial for an individual on pinterest will be a great thing to do while socializing on pinterest. This will not only create brand awareness among your target audience but will also create an interest and ground for the actual sale without you having to coax the potential customer with a sales pitch. Lifestyle, electronics and many other products that require the manufacturer’s guidance can become good prospects to be promoted on pinterest.

Engaging and bringing in audience while socializing on Pinterest

Many brick and mortar stores are reaping rich benefits while socializing on pinterest. Since they do not have an online funnel to sell deliver their products, they just create a buzz on pinterest, engage people there and motivate them to walk into their store and make the actual purchase. Pinners while pinning, repining or liking items on pinterest get interested in the products and walk up to the store to buy it. Do not mistake pinterest to be a photo sharing social media platform it is one of the biggest search engines for images. Getting the right keywords, title and description with your images and boards will surely help you get noticed among your target audience.

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