You heard it right! Not only kids you need to keep a check on the behavior of people around you and ensure that they are not caught in any of the dangerous social media trends that are making a round on many major social media platforms. Social media trends are quite intoxicating and make an impression faster than you can even think of. People get caught in them just out of peer pressure, to follow the latest fad or just to get a high from the social media platforms. As human beings we all are always seeking attention and recognition and many teens along with adults fall prey to these dangerous social media trends which they may think are cool.

The latest dangerous social media trend – Duct Tape challenge

This is one social media trend that has already had a victim who injured himself while taking the duct tape challenge. There may be others who may have injured themselves but their cases may have gone unnoticed or unreported. The duct tape challenge can be thrown at your friends on the social media platforms. The acceptor of the challenge is tied with a duct tape and has to free him or her in a stipulated time period. As adults this may not really challenge you however it is a matter of proving themselves for kids who look up to accept such silly challenges and actually completing them. Your role is to keep an eye on the social media trends, which social media websites your kids are using and what exactly they are doing on these social media websites.

Social media trends to look like celebrities

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge is one such challenge that asks people to have their lips plumper for an hour or two just for the sake of posting a few images when you look like one of your favorite celebrities. A shot glass is stuck over the lips; air is drawn out of the glass via suction from the mouth thus creating a vacuum in the glass which makes the lips look plumper. Doctors warn of short term and long term damage while taking up this challenge. Although Kylie Jenner has asked her followers not to do this but since it is a social media trend people who want to look cool on social media websites will do it.

Salt and Ice Challenge

This is one challenge where the acceptor of the challenge is going to harm him or herself without fail. This challenge involves keeping ice along with salt on any body part. Tag your next friend and he or she will have to perform the challenge. Salt with ice drops the freezing point of ice and can lead to burning of the skin just like frost bites.

Cinnamon challenge damaging the lungs

Seeing your friends coughing and gasping for breath and making a video of them is something cool for teens since they are unaware of the health problems having Cinnamon can have on a person. Excessive damage to the lungs can be caused as a result of gulping the woody fibers of Cinnamon. Social media trends are good to follow but follow the ones that do not have a negative affect on your health or on the health of people around you. Keep a check on your teenage kids along with adventurous young people who may fall prey to these kinds of silly social media trends.

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