No one on earth who is on social media will even think of lagging behind in terms of the best they can get out of social media, no matter whether the profile is being used for personal, professional or corporate reasons. Same is the case with social media platforms. Even social media platforms have been divided into groups like the professional ones consisting of platforms like LinkedIn, the micro blogging platforms like twitter and the photo sharing platforms like facebook and Pinterest. There are many other categories and platforms that one will find on the World Wide Web.

All these social media platforms try to outshine one another in an effort to increase their user base and in turn increase their brand recognition and profits. Almost every week there is a minor tweak within these social media platforms to accommodate the changing needs of users. Drastic changes cannot be done since there is a risk of users loosing interest. Till now LinkedIn was known to be a professional social media platform which only has skills to endorse and skills to showcase.

Changing face of Social Media Platforms visible in LinkedIn changes

Social Media is one niche that sees changes by the second. You are using one platform in a particular way right now and next moment you have something new that seems more interesting, easy and has a far reaching effect. LinkedIn is allowing its users to post images to their profiles. Although the images will be shared as status updates and no option to create a gallery has been provided till now. The facility is available on Android, iPhone and the mobile web but will be extended to other platforms over the next few weeks.

Suggestions from LinkedIn entail a professional approach

Social Media Platforms for your professional needs

Showcase you Job on social Media Paltforms

Since the core of LinkedIn is professional thus LinkedIn suggests sharing images that give a fair idea to someone checking your profile what exactly a day at work looks like. LinkedIn suggests sharing images that depict you sitting on a desk if you have a sitting job or an image that has you in the midst of machines if you are working on the shop floor of a factory. Thus professionalism even in terms of sharing images is being suggested by LinkedIn.

A chance to communicate better with employers and employees

Till now employers looking at LinkedIn profiles had a rough idea about the profile of an individual who had numerous skills and endorsements to his or her credit. However with the photo sharing facility available the Employer will have first hand information of what exactly the person is doing. Same ways an employee trying for a particular position will be able to comprehend what exactly he is expected of doing once he joins there.

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