Social Media can be an obsession for few since this is one place where all the action happens which may directly or indirectly involve you as an individual. However there are people and there are many of them who need to be trained properly while participating on social media websites. Not formal training classes however we at least need to know a few basics of using these social media platforms in an endeavor to have a good network of people who can add value and fun to our time while socializing online.

Social Media does not mean you keep posting and changing every now and then

Social Media etiquette

Social Media Obsession

You may be the best friends and your facebook walls tell it all. You are making almost 10-15 posts on the wall of your best friend, even when you are sitting together you are busy posting on his or her wall. Make sure to limit this number to one or two per day. Expand your network or still better give some space to your friend lest he or she asks you to stop posting on facebook. Many people have a tendency to change their profile pictures every now and then. Stick to one of the pictures for a long time since people in your network know you well even in your various avatars.

Sharing each and everything you eat on social Media

This practice is quite prevalent among few users especially on instagram. They upload images of their breakfast, lunch, dinner and even the snacks they are having in between. Refrain from this practice and if you are on Instagram make sure to share one image per day since this will be the best for people who are following you on instagram.

Sending out Tweets that are vague is a turn off

Tweets can be quite frustrating when you do not know for whom they are intended for and what exactly needs to be communicated via the tweets that you are sending out. Fancy this “Six hours to go for the big event”. No one will even care what is coming after 6 hours in your life if you are not elaborate. However if you are specific on twitter you will surely receive response and retweets that you have been looking for. Apart from that if you need to direct a message to a specific person either send a direct message or mention them in your tweet.

These tips are meant for individual and business social media accounts you have been running either for your personal use of to promote a business. Doing things rightly on Social Media is not going to get you any laurels but yes you stand an even chance of increasing your current network, building a reputation and brand for yourself in the long run.

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