Mobile  has become the king platform for arcade games, but before mobile there was PC, and that made way to some really enjoyable browser-based flash games.

We’ve seen a few of these games being ported over to the mobile platform, but there’s nothing like having a brand new game based upon ideas that came about in the ‘PC arcade ‘ age.


Sniper Shooter Gameplay

One such game is Sniper Shooter, a game that gets you to aim up shots as a sniper and pull them off before any other events get in the way. Each level will get you to assassinate a different character, and as you progress through the game, each assassination will become more complex and will take more thinking than the level prior to it.

To aim, you have to tilt your phone up, right, left and down, and I must admit that at first this was very hard to get to grabs with- this makes your aim hard to focus and when you need to pinpoint a shot quickly, it can become frustratingly difficult.

Sniper Shooter Gameplay 1

In a way though, these controls make way for a very challenging game that gets ever more tense as you progress through the game.

There are 5 levels to each chapter, and a total of 7 different chapters in the game, so there’s plenty of playtime to be had, which is great considering the game is a free title.

That brings me onto my next topic, and that is in-app purchases. In Sniper Shooter you can purchase new snipers with money earned from within the game, and as you progress through the chapters, you’ll need to purchase better snipers to open up the chapter. Sometimes it takes regoing over missions to be able to afford the snipers, or obviously you could just use the simple method of buying a sniper from the store with real money.

Sniper Shooter Gameplay 2

There are snipers for $3 and $8, and then a quite expensively priced $16 sniper. If that’s what someone may be interested in that’s fine, but it would be nice to have more choice in between each price point.

Sniper Shooter is available to download for free from here

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  1. Emma

    I use to play shooting when ever i go to any malls. Now i can load this game and can play at my home itself. 🙂

  2. Gary

    This is an amazing post. I came to knew about this game through your post. Thank you so much.


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