If you are thinking that Snapchat is another instant messaging app that will allow you to text, share media and location based information with your friends, you are wrong. Snapchat is surely  chat application, but will allow you to share only images. What is refreshing about this iOS app is that the shared pictures will be on the recipient device for only 10 seconds. The images are not stored on the device of the recipient, alleviating concerns of the images being misused. This is an app that is targeted at teen mobile device users. Hence, this privacy protection feature!


Snapchat Experience

Usage of Snapchat app cannot be simpler. After you download and install the app, you will have to add friends. You can do that from your social media accounts like Facebook or you can type the name and Snapchat ID of a recipient, who will automatically get added to your Snapchat list. The app also has a camera feature that uses the camera hardware of your device. You snap a picture, select the duration for which it has to be visible, add the recipients, and hit send. It is simple, unique, and attractive in its own way.


User Interface and Performance

As mentioned earlier, this app has been designed for teen users. So, the UI is very simple and attractively designed. The options of the app are also easily distinguishable from each other, further increasing its user friendliness.


When we tested the app, we did not find any performance issues. On the contrary, the app handles all the tasks that it claims to handle without any glitches. The options are very responsive and the in app camera also performs very well.


There have been a few concerns about the privacy of the users of this app, but this app is actually designed to alleviate those concerns. Your pictures will be safe and you can rest assured that you can use this simple and intuitive app without any worries.



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5 Responses

  1. Peter

    I was looking only for a chat application which could share only pictures. Not all other type of media which takes high disk space while installation. This is cool to suit my purpose. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  2. Lillian

    Can we place comments to the photos shared among the friends or just share the pics we have.

  3. Paul

    Snap chat is just amazing IOS app. I have used this app so good and funny to share my snaps with my pals.. lol   🙂

  4. Harley

    Snap chat app is wonderful platform where we can share our pics and have fun. Really good post.

  5. Maureen

    Wow wonderful and innovative. We can share the pictures and also we can chat about it. So cool.


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