Small Business owners until a few months back had the option of running a SEO Campaign at a low budget from a SEO company they hardly interacted. The best thing was that the SEO Company without having much information about the business and company ranked the small business’s website on the top sometimes on the number one position.

Does SEO still hold good for Small Business’s

Small Business Search Engine Optimization

Small Business SEO and SMM

Yes SEO if integrated with Social Media and targeted at a predefined audience will yield the best results in terms of traffic and ranking. Brand and audience in 2014 will be the game changers. You as a small business owner need to establish your brand among your target audience. Apart from that you need to have a clear cut understanding of the demography, taste and interest of your audience. This understanding needs to be passed and percolated into the SEO/ SMM team that is taking care of the SEO and Social Media Campaign for the business.

Frequent Communication is the key to success in 2014

Earlier Small business Owners and SEO firms used to be in tight compartments thus communication between the two was limited to negotiating the price of the campaign and the results that were coming in. However the scene has changed entirely in the current scenario where the SEO Company has to be updated with whatever big or small is going in the business or even in the industry. However running a SEO and Social Media Campaign in sync can be challenge for a third party if it does not know much about your business.

Chalk out a Road Map with your SEO Partner

Your SEO partner is an expert in SEO thus you need to update them about each and everything about your niche / Industry / Business. Set your expectations in the beginning and have a plan ready after having a brainstorming session with your SEO Partner of what exactly you are expecting from the campaign and how it needs to unfold. Your SEO partner is surely going to come up with their requirements and ideas that fit in the campaign and will surely act as the stepping stone to a successful SEO campaign for your small business.

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