Companies that have been using SEO strategies for the past few years will have to change their tactics in lieu of the recent changes in SEO practices. Earlier, companies would bank on the volume of keywords in their content so that they can get ranked much higher in Google’s search engine results. However, Google has changed their integral algorithm so that it would focus more on quality than quantity of the content. Here are some SEO strategies that will be highly effective in 2014.

Create quality content


Getting quality content for your web page is important in boosting your SEO. To get ahead of your competitors, you must focus on creating authoritative content that will make your audience read and share it. Not only will it increase your chance of getting more customers to visit your website but it will also give your company a lot of online exposure. When a person searches for related content, your website will be one of the first few recommended posts.

Google authorship

One of the recent developments by Google is the creation of Google authorship. This new feature greatly influences page rankings in its search engine results where the authors of the content are recognized using Google+ profiles. It is best to get a Google+ profile whenever you are uploading new content for your page.

Change your web design


To direct people to your website, it is imperative for you to design your web page in such a manner that it is attractive to your potential customers. People love websites that are easy to navigate and creatively designed. You will have to create a desktop version for your website as well as a mobile version so that your customers can share links to it . You can even get a single HTML code for your page as it serves both mobile and desktop versions.

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