Personal Branding

Branding techniques for individuals

Self-Branding is not only important for organizations and companies it is equally important for an individual. Every time you apply for a new job recruiters have a tendency to run a search on your name on Google or any of the other search engines. The prospects of an individual netting a highly lucrative job will depend upon the kind of results that the recruiter will find after running the search on the search engines. In case you are initiating a new deal, takeover or partnership in your industry as a Manager, Director or even proprietor people or organizations looking forward to join hands will surely look you up in the search engines. The results one gets with his or her name on search engines do really matter.


Get yourself listed on industry niche websites

Find a few professional websites that cater to your industry. Build a profile and participate on these websites. Resume building websites are the best places to showcase your qualification, experience, talent and core competencies. These websites have tendency to rank high. You need to be serious while submitting and making your resume on these websites. The style and layout of your online resume will be a reflection on your personality.

Secure a domain corresponding to your name

You will be thankful to yourself for doing this either today or in future. You don’t need a professional to manage your website. You can present your website as a business card, run a blog on it or even offer consultancy in your industry. Apply a good CMS that allows you to manage your website easily. Stick to your niche and network with similar websites in your niche. Once your domain starts coming up the search results for your name you are a brand.

Social Relationships online work wonders

Reaching out to your peers and other industry experts from your niche would be a great brand building exercise. The more people you know from the industry or out of the industry the better it gets for your personal brand. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are a few of them where you can meet professionals from your own and different industries. There are many other social networking websites catering to specific industries. Search them out and start connecting. Your brand is something that will surely pay you and your organization high dividends.


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