Samsung’s Latest Smart Camera: The NX1100

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, you could share pictures on the go. The photo quality on that unit, although good, could not be classified to be professional. But Samsung has managed to change that with the NX1100, a smart camera that can offer you professional quality photographs. You can also connect to the social media platforms and upload the photos instantly. With high optical zoom capability and a 20.1 megapixel sensor, this camera can certainly deliver high quality shots. The social feature only makes it all the more appealing.


Technical Specifications: NX1100

To begin with, this camera has a 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, coupled with the super-fast shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 seconds, and can capture images with very high quality and detail. Experts feel that the capabilities of this camera in terms of sensor and shutter speeds are as good as the other high-end models in the NX camera line-up. The camera also has a 3 inch LCD unit for displaying and editing the photos that you clicked. You can also shoot videos in full HD, i.e. at 1080p.

 Samsung NX1100 white

Smart Auto 2.0

Another intuitive feature in the Samsung NX1100 is the Smart Auto 2.0 feature. This feature allows amateur photographers to click pictures like experts. The feature has a range of assist functions that negate the small mistakes which amateur photographers commit.


Social Feature

The camera has in-built Wi-Fi capability that allows you to connect to any local Wi-Fi network. You can launch the Wi-Fi with a single key called the Smart Link Hot Key. Once connected, you can upload photos to all social media channels, provided they are configured with your camera.


The NX1100 is one of the best smart cameras available in the market. The combination of good picture quality and the social features makes it a worthy buy.



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  1. lisa

    Wow this cam is very sophisticated.I am gonna buy this for sure.wonderful features.Thanks for the post.

  2. Torsten

    Samsung NX1100 is amazing and cool. Photography is my hobby. I am looking for such kind of cam, now i founded this. Useful post thanks.

  3. Goad

    The samsung latest camera is so good in its design and such a cool gadget to carry out.

  4. Francisco

    Hi torsten, How is your personal experience with this camera ? It looks cool but better to know from you as you are using it.


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