After completing a link audit there are many links that you either need to disown or you need to have them taken off the web completely. With Google penalizing almost anyone and everyone who at some point of time have gone for link building techniques that are not considered in sync with the webmaster guidelines its time to get the act together. If a website need to remain in business and would like to retain rankings and traffic it is important not to wait for a penalty notification from Google. Instead have a look at your link profile and get to work.

The need for removing and disowning Back links


The need to disown and delete back links stems from many reasons. You may have built links in the past either yourself or through an agency which were considered good enough at that time but have lost relevance and value with time. Competitors may have been building back links from shady websites just to ruin your reputation on the web. You have changed business but your link profile points to a niche that you were working earlier. You were part of a link network that was doing brisk business and now that link network has been penalized. You have received a Google Penalty notification for your back links and you have suffered a drop in your rankings and traffic. There are various reasons for removing and disowning back links.

Be creative in sending out your emails

There are several links that when disavowed will be good enough. However there are a few that need to be deleted from source itself. Some of them may be on Guest Blogs while some of the back links have been gained from link exchange methods and there are few that you have paid for. Once you want to remove them from the web itself you need to reach out to the webmasters and explain to them the problems you are facing because of the back links. Make sure to add a personal touch to the Emails that you send out to get your links removed. Make sure the same effort goes in while sending in mails to remove the links that went while you were working to get new links for your website

Be cautious while building more back links

You need to be careful while building new back links from now on. Make sure not to accept any links from foreign countries. Keep an eye on your link profile lest some competitor points some dangerous links to your business.

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