Mojio is a start-up company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company has come up with its latest smart device called Mojio which will soon be launched. It is a cloud-connected device which you can use on your car as it unlocks vehicle information in real-time. This gadget after it gets plugged to your vehicle will make your daily commute an interesting game. It will also reward you if you show off your expert driving skills.

You just have to plug the device to your car and link it to your phone and your car will turn into a smart car. Mojio will provide the users with a wide range of services like conducting real-time analytics on the mechanics of the vehicle as well as help parents track the movement of their kids. Using this device, you can also make sure that the traffic on the road is reduced as the device will indicate when to leave or go to work, so that you can avoid getting stuck in traffic.


The internet connected device can easily be plugged into your car’s diagnostic port. It gets connected to the internet through an always-on cellular connection inside the device. Once you do that, it will measure each and every aspect of your car like the oil levels, speed, direction and much more. Thanks to this always-on connection, you will be able to know where your vehicle is parked at any moment, not just where you last left it.

Mojio will work only in those cars which have been built after 1995 and it is available for use only for the people of Canada and America. The best part is that Mojio can pair with any smartphone when there are more than one driver for a single car. The company has received an amount of $2.3 million by Relay Ventures as seed funding which will help bring Mojio into market in the coming few months.

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