B2B marketing presents unique challenges along with opportunities. A Search marketer needs to have the big picture and the right B2B marketing tactics in his kitty to be successful while reaching out to his clients. Lengthy conversion cycles in B2B sales cycle should be considered while devising a strategy for your online campaign. Prospecting and offering your B2B clients is quite different from b2c sales cycle. If you have the right B2B marketing tactics at hand and are patient enough to wait for results B2B marketing will be a cakewalk for you.

Getting on LinkedIn to for your B2B business is the best thing you can do

LinkedIn is the first place where you need to be present if you are working for a B2B sales channel since this is where you are going to get the maximum number of leads your first step in your B2B marketing campaign. Majority of B2B marketers are spending their major time on LinkedIn since this is where you get the maximum number of leads. It is not only the volume of leads that has made LinkedIn so important, high ROI from LinkedIn coaxes marketers to make their presence felt on this social media giant. The best option on LinkedIn is to join a group especially closed groups or “Members only” group which cater to your industry but here you need to pass as a professional from the niche then only entry is allowed in these groups. Generally these groups are small with a high sense of camaraderie and internal trust. Along with that find a big and active group in the same niche which is open to all. Once you are in those groups don’t start posting about your products and services that you have to offer instead get involved and participate in the discussions and start sharing stuff that is relevant and has value for the niche on a whole. You are going to get your chance of letting your target audience know about your products and services or your offerings in the discussions and posts itself. Once you are well known in the group start interacting with members individually since this is where the real business is going to come.

Offering free stuff works in B2B marketing

Developing something like a software to calculate premium for insurance companies when your target is insurance companies goes a long way in pulling your prospective audience towards you. Distribute this software to professionals from the insurance sector and they are bound to provide you what you are looking for in return – mainly leads. Distributing content or running a industry specific blog for the benefit of professionals who are your target audience is another tactic that works wonders in terms of lead generation and network expansion for your business. Your B2B marketing efforts will receive an impetus if you are able to offer something of value for your target audience.

Social Media mentions are a great opportunity for B2B marketing

Social media is the place where you can find, target and promote your B2B products or services. Jump on to the mentions you receive on social media. Once you are established on social media platforms there is even chance that your brand will be discussed and talked about on social media platforms. Have an arrangement or software in place where you can receive a notification for a mention of your brand. The more active and quick you are in identifying and responding to discussions and brand mentions more is the number of leads you are going to generate via social media.

Content that talks about facts and figures preferably pictorial is preferred

Share content that talks about facts and figures from the niche. The content preferably in pictorial form with graphs and pie diagrams will be a big hit since industry professionals are more interested in comparison rather than reading out numbers. Sharing content will help you promote your ideas and products directly to your target audience. Engagement around content can be increased with ease.

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