SONY Digital Recording Binoculars DEV-50V

The latest wave of gadgets that we are seeing in today’s market come with multiple functionalities, be it a phone with a camera or a camera with social media integration. Sony has taken this integration to a whole new level with the introduction of the DEV-50V, a binocular that enables you to record and snap pictures of what you are seeing. Although this gadget is being targeted at nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and sports reporters, even the common man can use this for photo and video needs.


Sony DEV-50V Build

The DEV-50V has been designed for the outdoors, keeping in mind that the gadget might come under duress in harsh weather. The gadget is dust and splash-resistant, making it waterproof and relatively safe to use even in trying conditions without the fear of damage. It is also very light, weighing as much as a medium-sized digital camera, making this gadget very mobile and portable.


Imaging and Video Capabilities

Another impressive trait of this gadget is that Sony has provided awesome video and imaging capabilities, something that the modern digital age user expects. Full HD videos can be recorded easily and even objects or events at a distance can be recorded easily. The still camera is also impressive, capturing images of 20.4 megapixels, which even professional photographers can work with.


Assist Features

If you are thinking that the features of this gadget might be too much to handle for you, don’t worry. Sony has provided this device with a host of assist features to help you. The XGA-OLED allows you to click clearer images and record crisp videos. A feature called Optical Steady Shot will help you keep the images still even when you have zoomed in on a very distant object. For low light conditions, you have the Hyper Gain feature that automatically adjusts the levels.


The DEV-50V is very easy to use. Wildlife and sports photographers will definitely find this prospect alluring.

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