razer naga hex for MOBA


The feature-packed Razer Naga Hex is specifically designed for gamers who enjoy MOBA or action RPG type games. The user interface for these types of games requires highly accurate, sensitive mouse performance which is provided by this state-of-the-art mouse design. The highlight of the mouse is the fact that instead of assigning hotkeys to remap your abilities or inventory, you may assign them to the six buttons on the mouse itself all within thumb reach. This can help enhance your gaming experience by easing your gameplay layout.


High Performance


An action RPG or a MOBA game requires intense clicking and high accuracy per click. This is done easily with this version of Razer mouse, as it uses custom switches which allow excellent performance up to ten million clicks by it.


This is further complimented by the fact that each of these clicks is so accurately registered through the mouse that it can go up to a performance level of a massive two hundred and fifty clicks in a minute. In games where you need superfast reflexes, this is the mouse you would want to use.


Using the Smart Synapse 2.0


The Razer Synapse version 2.0 is the intelligent component of this masterpiece mouse. The software is designed to automatically sync the settings preferred by the gamer, allowing you to get to the game without unnecessary time waste in inputting your settings repeatedly. Through Razer Synapse 2.0, the mouse even has the capability to download updates for firmware and drivers. All in all, the mouse provides a world-class gaming experience through its innovative design and software-hardware package.



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