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Despite many music streaming services offering new music at the press of a button, Qello has gone with a different route in the music streaming business by offering users of the app the ability to search for and stream their favorite artists playing at concerts, or watch any documentaries related to the artists. It has a subscription service similar to other mobile streaming services, and once your trial is up, it costs per month, but is it worth the subscription cost?


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Despite having a wide taste for music, I was a bit disappointed at what the streaming service had to offer. There are plenty of concerts available, covering bands like the Beatles, Daft Punk, Blake Shelton, earlier Coldplay music, and a plethora of mid 80s rock bands, but overall the app feels quite empty, and searching for a concert and not finding anything doesn’t feel worthy of the subscription service I would have to pay, especially when that concert is most likely uploaded to Youtube, where I can watch for free.

Qello UI

If you’re a fan of a certain type of music or a particular band and you manage to find a decent library of media for it, then the subscription service could be seen as a valuable purchase. Qello cuts out all the mainstream pop music in the charts, and gives you an easily navigable interface filled with some of the greats that have popped up in the last 100 years. I was happy to see some really old stuff on there, including material from musical legends like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

I found a great documentary about Tupac Shakur on Qello, and this made me research the app and I was happy to find that although small, the library was filled with very informative info about the artists that the app featured.



The library of music is bound to grow, but unless you find a decent offering of media for your favorite music, the subscription service definitely isn’t worth your pennies yet.

The app does come with a free trial though, and you can view previews of most concerts, so the app isn’t completely restricted without subscription.

Qello UI

The interface is also very smooth, and I found it easy to flick through the featured pages and search for particular documentaries and concerts.

I spent a few hours watching some interesting material, and for me this was reason enough for the subscription, so you should check it out, and see if you like it.




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  1. henry

    This is such a wonderful app.  This post  is very useful to all  music junkies. The features are so creative and useful.

  2. Rebecca

    Quello music streaming service really helpful to me to find my desired music. I can found all kinds of libraries.


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