Black Hat techniques in SEO are as old as SEO itself. These techniques are being implemented by people who do not trust their link building techniques or are in a hurry to reach the top slot beating the competition with nefarious methods. Although there are many methods being used by Black Hat practitioners one of them the latest one is quite smart enough and many website owners have been conned into believing it thus harming their prospects.

The new technique from Black Hat SEO to harm your Website


Black Hat Techniques

New technique from Black Hat SEO

Its simple one day you get a mail in your inbox asking you to either no follow the links that you have built for your website over a period of time. This will be in the guise that the website is doing a link audit for their website and would like to make sure that the links to their website look natural. The email has been laid down in the most professional manner until you have a very close look at the email. Most probably the email will be from an email id like although had it been from a legitimate source it would have been from

Why the technique is being put into place

The answer is simple probably one of your competitors who is not really able to match your link profile and wants to beat the competition with a black hat technique. The competitor simply collects your link profile and sends out emails to all those website owners asking them to either no follow your links or even remove the links from there. Once a few of the links are removed the website rankings fall which is of course a bonus for the website owner who has been applying the black hat technique.

Tread cautiously with this Black Hat Technique

A few of the emails can be genuine. However you need to check for yourself the genuinity of these mails. First and foremost check if the Email is coming from a genuine source. A well established business in all probability will use an email id like Apart from that do a bit of research from your end. Check if the business where you have received a mail has received a penalty or not. If they have received a penalty go forward and no follow their link. These mails are being sent out in large numbers and being related to the Google search algo updates just to make sure that they appear genuine.

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