Pinterest has caught the fancy of users who have been sharing photographs and visual items on the web. Sharing, creating boards and pinning items on it has been the order of the day. You can find images and visuals of various niches. The growth of pinterest has been quite noticeable on the social media scenario.

A Huge Databank of images on Pinterest

Pinterest has been able to garner much support from its users in the form of the images and visuals it has received from them. Its become a perfect example of how social media is driven by the masses and how images can be used to convey anything to the online community. According to pinterest the company has grown almost 50% in the last six months which is quite a figure considering that players like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are already sitting there in the market. The edge that pinterest has is that is has touched an entirely different niche and has leveraged the experience to get into the mainstream. 30 Billion images are accessible on pinterest.

Guided search a new feature on Pinterest

searching on Pinterest

Searching on Pinterest getting easy

The experience of pinterest is being made more interesting for users with the introduction of new features. Guided search is one such feature that is being incorporated into pinterest. This particular feature is quite interesting as it will provide search ability as effective as that of a search engine. If you are thinking about searching something on pinterest just type it into the search bar and suggestions will be loaded for you so that you can get an idea of what exactly you can expect after you actually search. Apart from that categories and keywords will also be loaded that can be used to narrow your search to a particular thing that you are searching.

The road ahead for Pinterest

Pinterest has a long way to go. It has begun picking up pace and the way users are creating boards, and pinning images pinterest will be there among the big names within the social media scenario giving a run for money for the already existing social media platforms. Custom categories will provide power to the user to create his or her own categories that can be returned by pinterest later in its search results. Thus there is ample of scope for the user and even for social media experts to leverage the platform that has been provided by Pinterest.

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