X-Plane 9 is a mobile plane simulator available to download from Google Play for free. Learn more about it here.

I never had the time or interest to really get into a mobile plane simulator on the PC- those kind of games feel alien and trying to adapt to it is something that many people don’t have the spare time to do.

I was surprised at X-Plane on Android. It is a mobile plane simulator that has a lot of controls and options to satisfy the simulator enthusiasts out there, but has a nice, easy-to-learn base control system. Because of this, the difficulty curve is very smooth, and playing the game for a few minutes here and then can be both entertaining and enjoyable.

X-Plane 9 Gameplay 1

X-Plane 9 Gameplay

There is no real objective in X-plane 9. It is a simulator, which means it is used for nothing more than simulating real life scenarios. In this case, the player can simulate, or experience for themselves, the ability to fly a plane. It certainly isn’t as technically advanced as some real plane controls as far as I am aware, but there is a lot of information to take in about flight trajectory, plane logistics and different variables based on plane weight and centre of gravity.

I can imagine this creates an enjoyable experience for plane sim enthusiasts, and although it is no way near the quality of many free desktop programs, it certainly makes a milestone for mobile.

X-Plane 9 Gameplay 2

Like mentioned before, it also has a fairly easy ‘base control’ system. For example, you swipe one control to control the thrust or power of the plane, and use the other one for controlling the flaps of the plane. You can then steer in 360 degrees using your phone as a steering wheel.

There are many different camera angles, including ones that show off the inner-plane controls, and ones that show off the outside of a plane from a distance. This gives players a lot of room to observe the planes movement.

Since I have little experience with plane simulators, I found it difficult to get off the ground at first and making a landing was also quite difficult. It wasn’t frustrating though- the experience was new and greatly enjoyable.

On top of the different control systems and main gameplay, you can also go into the settings to change location, change plane and edit some plane settings. There is a lot of stuff to do in the settings menu, including fog/weather effects and other more technical options.

X-Plane 9 Gameplay 3

For free, there are a lot of planes to choose, and a couple levels, and you can improve upon that collection by paying for more planes and levels.

The game will probably get tiring for most that don’t have a love for the game after perhaps an hour of play in one sitting, but X-Plane 9 certainly provides some entertainment factor to everybody whenever they have a few minutes of time to spare.

 You can download X-Plane 9 for free on the Google Play store


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