Personalization is the name of the game on social media. Almost all social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest and linkedin are trying hard to deliver a personalized experience to its users. Whenever users login to their social media accounts users want to have an experience where they dont have to search much for anything and everything is delivered to them on a platter. Personalization keeps social media users in good humor and keeps them connected to their social media platforms.

Personalization is the key to success on social media

Almost all social media websites are delivering a personalized experience since they are collecting data and showing products and services that can interest the users taste. There are few social media websites that will show posts related to your niche or industry only. There are a few that will show you posts you have subscribed to according to your interests or according to the niche you belong to. You login to your account and everything that you wanted to see would be there on your page feed.

Linkedin personalizing its experience via language

Linkedin Personalized

Linkedin Personalized via languages

Every social media platform is trying its bit to deliver according to the needs and tastes of its users. Small tweaks are being made on these social media platforms to make social experience more personal. Linkedin has taken the initiative of introducing several languages that can be selected by users using Linkedin and companies that have a presence on Linkedin. Same ways a user will be shown updates that are intended for that particular user only. Thus you need not search all across the website for updates and companies that interest you they are already there in your news feeds.

A boon in disguise for companies that are working global

Linkedin has 300 million members out of which 67% are from outside the USA. Linkedin is already available in 22 languages. Company Pages and Showcase pages are there for companies that need to have a presence on Linkedin. Almost all countries have multi ethnic people; these people have different language preferences and would like to have a linkedin experience in the language they know best. However companies need to write content only in one language and users can view in the language of their choice.

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