From the old-style 8-bit graphics to the fitting arcade music and sound effects, everything with Meganoid, much like many of OrangePixel’s games, feels retro. Despite our phones now carrying the power to play graphic intensive 3D games like Dead Trigger and Modern Combat 4, nothing beats the old Mario-style platformer, and I have fallen absolutely in love with Meganoid 2.

Meganoid 2 Gameplay

Meganoid 2 starts off nice and easy, just like any mobile game should. This gives you the chance to get to grips with the fairly simply left, right, and jump controls, as well as the gameplay physics and booby-trap filled world of Meganoid2.

 Meganoid 2

I can’t quite figure out why the game is called Meganoid, it sounds like something that would suit some crossover between Megaman and the Transformers universe, but in all its glory, Meganoid instead follows the story of an adventurer as he battles through levels, dodging booby-traps and deadly creatures.


Like I said, it starts easy, but it quickly becomes a frustratingly challenging game that tests your patience and reflexes as you are challenged to dodge multiple booby-traps and death defying holes and spikes all whilst trying to get to the end of the level within the time limit.


To add more depth to it (I know, there really isn’t that much depth) players can also find an extra hidden relic on each level. If you’re the completionist type, feel free to go through each level again trying to find the relic and then proceed to attempting to reach the finish point without turning into a big pile of bones beforehand.


Unlike Mario, Meganoid2 includes levels that are relatively short and only take about 20 seconds to complete once mastered. Of course, thanks to all of the difficulties between you and the finish point, I wouldn’t be surprised if those 20 seconds drag onto 10 minutes as you try and try and try again.


I admit, this kind of gameplay certainly isn’t for everyone, and whilst the 8-bit theme is charming for all, the difficult gameplay becomes repetitive and dull for those that haven’t prepped their past with old school titles such as Super Mario Bros 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog.


If you’re the kind of person that is up for a challenge and won’t let a sour defeat phase you, Meganoid2 is definitely your kind of game, otherwise you may end up being too frustrated at this charming little title.

You can download Meganoid 2 for free here

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