Videos are becoming an essential part of marketing on the World Wide Web since videos can be presented as tutorials to tell your users about the features of your product or service, they can be used to explain how users can make use of the product or service. Videos are a great way to communicate with users. While marketing videos fro your brand you need to make sure that your videos are available for the right keywords. Thus you need to optimize the meta data of your videos in a way so that they come up the SERP’s and are able to hold on to the interest of your users.

Before Optimizing videos you need to work on quality

Make sure the videos you are creating are of high quality. You need not record them in high tech studios but background sound should not be audible as it is very unprofessional if you have sound of cars while someone is reading out the features of the products. Use a good resolution camera and shoot from a short distance so that the subject is visible without any difficulty to the user. Make use of soothing background music that can hold the user’s interest.

Optimizing the Title, Description and Tags

Video Optimization

Optimization of Videos Before Posting

While optimizing the Meta data of the video the Title forms the most crucial part of the optimization element. Make sure you have a relevant keyword in the Title. You need not stuff the title with various keywords but the title should be able to provide an idea of what exactly the video is all about. The description is no less important, be sure to include a keyword over here also. Description reinforces whatever you have written in the title.

The importance of embedding videos for optimization

Video embedding on outside websites is valuable from SEO perspective since you have a chance of creating a link and page fro yourself on websites other than the one where you have posted your videos.

Each video needs to have a URL of its own

All videos that you post on your website need to have a link of their own. This allows search engines to index the video and content around it as an individual entity. If the video is on your website chances of benefits being passed to your website do increase. Try and add something that makes your videos sharable and entices users to participate on your videos.

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