Web traffic from mobiles and tablets has seen a upward swing from the past few couple of years. Websites owners have been tweaking their websites to make it more mobile friendly to give a better user experience. Retaining and acquiring new customers is on the mind of website owners while making their websites mobile friendly. Once you have a mobile optimized website ready the first step is to check it across various platforms, mobiles and tablets.

Content on Mobile Website needs to be in sync with Desktop Website

All pages on the desktop website need to be there on the Mobile Website. Users should be able to connect with your mobile website if they already have visited your desktop website in the past. Having some extra pages on the mobile website is wise to accommodate content and to make navigation easy for your users.

Editing content a wise decision on Mobile Websites

Mobile Website Content

Editing Content on Mobile Websites

Making content readable on the mobile should be a priority for any website owner since mobile users are always on the go and will not return to your site if the content is either too lengthy or beats around the bush. Content on the desktop site can be edited to pass the message in a shorter form. The basic idea of content is to sell your idea to your users; do it in the most interesting and shortest manner.

Unnecessary Images need to be removed

Images need to be avoided to make the mobile website lighter in weight. This does not mean that you should not have any images on the website. Make sure only those images are present which are just necessary and need to there in the context of the content. Try and get a lighter version of the images as compared to those being used on the desktop website.

Advertisements should be avoided on Mobile Websites

If your primary source of income is not advertisements then avoid them on the mobile version og your website. Advertisements on mobile websites may take your users on a different website on one wrong click which of course is going to ruin the user experience on your mobile site.

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